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Our Investment Focus

Our primary investment focus will be on dynamic

Our primary investment focus will be on dynamic, innovative and proven business models, products and solutions operating in Promoted Sectors under IMP 3 (MIDA), 9 Pillars of Industry 4.0 and Strategic Industries such as ICT, Sharing Economy, Emerging Technologies, Energy and SRI (Socially Responsible Investments) related deals. These, in aggregate, may result in 51% or more in our investment portfolio. Examples of Verticals that we invest in:

Innovative ICT Solutions

Emerging Markets Technologies & Trends

Sharing Economy

Agriculture, Healthcare & Bio-Technology Deals

Combining innovative dynamic businesses with AI, Fintech and Islamic Finance

KANZUN will seek a diversified and well-balanced portfolio to minimize risk and optimised returns. Selection process will be based on credible or scalable businesses and shareholders’ integrity, and where necessary, previous evidence of successes will be taken into account. We put an emphasis on market size, business structure, the competency and credibility of the Promoters in running the business.