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Kanzun Ventures Management Sdn Bhd (“KVM”)

was incorporated in November 2018 and we are a registered Venture Capital Management Company by the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

Kanzun originates from the Arabic word meaning Treasure. In Japanese, a similar sounding word means Complete/Perfect. Combined together, we have Complete Treasure. We believe that we have the complete combination of expertise to manage our Investors’ and stakeholders’ wealth into growing viable

business ventures that will have exponential benefits to mankind.

We are a dynamic team of professionals helping SMEs and Start-Ups grow and prosper. We work with a multitude of

ecosystem players to achieve business success and work towards

a common goal, that is enabling wealth creation and a sustainable economy through technological advancement, while maintaining the fairness of transactions.

Our Vision & Mission

We aspire to be the Best Islamic Venture Capital Fund in Asia and worldwide. We hope to bring together people from all walks of life to exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas that could enrich our lives.


Economic betterment is achievable through engaging ourselves and others with knowledge sharing, value adding activities and building networks. Democratization of Technology will be further enabled with applications of Ai & Fintech to enable access to innovative solutions. We hope to provide you with effective business solutions that is in line with our core values and fair business practices.

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